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Got Skills To Scratch?

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Sure, definitely, I can scratch. I mean, I’m a pro, didn’t you know that? I’m the best ever scratcher available! Give me an itch, any itch and I’ll scratch it, and damn will I scratch it goooooooood. =D

Haha, now the kind of scratching I’m talking about lies in an absolutely different context. It’s DJ scratching. And again this form of DJ Scratching lies also in another different context.

Anyone seen this before?

Yes people, Celcom UOX decided to come by HELP University College today and set up their booth at the Lower Foyer of main block to hold both a DJ Hero and FIFA World Cup gaming competition. The gaming platform available was the ever versatile PS3.

Now, me being a huge fan of the Hero and Rockband franchises, the moment I caught wind of DJ Hero coming out I knew I had to give it a try. The thing is I never really got a chance to play this game until today.

Celcom UOX was giving some people a shot at winning one of the three available prizes for DJ Hero (of course the same prizes are available for FIFA but I’m more interested in the latter) and I shall refrain from letting you readers know what the prizes are since I myself am competing to win. Yes, turning about RM10.00~RM40.00 into one of those prizes is definitely worth it.

And guess who made the 1st place High Score and beat the second players score by two times more points?

Now I never meant to sound like I was bragging, I was surprised myself, I’m normally quite sucky with these games and it takes forever for me to get one song down pat. And believe me, the game is more complex than it seems, the controller is nice and simple enough to use but when your fingertips get sweaty you have quite the high risk of slipping off the buttons when you need to scratch at a certain part of the song. And the game features a track in which you need the crossfader to follow, meaning if the track for blue moves left you have to move the crossfading switch to the left and if the track for green moves to the right you have to move the switch to the right. Red never gets affected but with green and blue, if you don’t keep it in the middle of the track, either one gets affected and you gain less points. Plus you have various effects that help you gain more points but only means more multitasking and I assure you, us males are quite useless in that department, I mean, I cant even talk on the phone and look for something in the fridge to eat at the same time. XD Go females, kudos to you for mastering such a complex art 😉

Celcom UOX will still be there tomorrow as well from 8am-6pm again to give more people a shot at trying any of the games but for the FIFA, you football fans better sign up now cause it’s one of those tournament type matches and if I’m not mistaken it was almost full when I finally left.

So if you’re there tomorrow to try out, best be assured, I’ll be there to top your score until I get something.

Cheers. =)


Written by Aris Raphael

June 14, 2010 at 11:17 pm

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