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Taylor’s Dance Arena

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Now I know it’s been quite awhile now since the competition but I’ve finally stopped procrastinating and gotten myself a blog and I shall let this memory of that eventful night become my first ever recorded post.

I had to rush all the way from Setiawangsa to Taylor’s for ExplosionOST’s final dance practice’s as on that day was the day of the competition itself. Rumored to be bigger than the previous competition, with about 12 to 13 teams competing, I could feel the adrenaline rise up as I took the train back toBangsar to fetch my car.

While driving, I could feel my nerves beginning to wreck me slowly, I mean come on, the event being hyped up like mad and with a frigging huge load of crews taking part, our chances of winning I felt would diminish decrease. However I just reminded myself, it was all in the good spirit of fun, after all, it’s not like we do this everyday.

Upon arrival, I headed straight to the dancing studio, for a short practice before we headed for lunch. To my demise, Eugene tells me that his shoe broke. GENE !!! After lunch then we had to rush all over the place (not too far actually) to find a cobbler to mend Eugene’s shoe. So finding one, me and Angie decided we’d go looking for those white “puppet” gloves. We had to walk some far distances, over hills and plains, traversing many forests, climbing to the highest peaks of many mountains, crossing many vigoured current rivers, avoid many man-eating beasts, and spend many nights in different towns or else camping out in the cold dark wood all the way from one end of the row of shop-houses to the other end, i think it was something like what, 5 rows ? To keep ourselves occupied we resorted to singing that weird part from the song Church (Step Up 2), go listen to it, you’ll know what I mean, it’s fun to sing along with a friend and it’ll refuse to get out of your head. After all that we did find ONE (1) [satu] [ichi] [ee] hardware shop and gave it a try. To our luck and blessing from God, we managed to find our gloves. So we bought what we needed and rushed back to Eugene.

Now I need to mention that the cobbler was quite deft, he needs his praise here too. Not only did he manage to fix Eugene’s shoe, he added reinforced mithril plating along with stainless heat tampered steel core rivets followed by the cover of dragon skin extra threading to his shoes (yup, both) so that when Eugene glides, those pair of shoes will never ever break again. He even wished us luck that we’d win the competition. Such a nice chap. Thank you Uncle Cobbler, if you read this you’d know who you are !!

Now it was back to practice, a good solid 3 hours of practice. Practice, practice, practice and practice. We didn’t care how tired we were, we just wanted to get everything down pat and well. And we did. Kudos to all from ExplosionOST !!

After changing, we had a short rehearsal session and back to the waiting rooms where we were then told to finalize our lighting. And then, the wait… You could tell from the look not only by the crew’s faces but everyone’s faces that the adrenaline was finally getting to them and it was making everyone (except those not taking part) sick to their stomachs.

Finally, the first three teams were called. First up were the Hazard Minors followed by Zero Degree Celsius and finally, yes, yours truly, ExplosionOST.

All I can say we gave it our best shot, we actually felt that we had a chance of winning. Alas, it was not to come to pass as when the results were out in 3rd place was 2 Left Feet, 2nd was Dua Coopang and finally 1st was Cookie Monsters. Well you can blame us for being disappointed, we all, not only our crew i think every crew wanted this badly. But we had a fun night, and continued dancing the night away. Kudos to those who organized all this, ya’ll did a great job !!

With that said, I still have a bone or two to pick.

Firstly, the judges (names with-held for the fear of getting my ass kicked in legal action taken against this post and/or the poster). I mean come on, they could at least have gotten more professional people to judge this right ? You couldn’t even tell whether those judges were even professional or not !! Their English was horrendous !! They couldn’t even string a proper 5 worded sentence together without breaking every grammatical rule available !! And plus they don’t even look up to caliber as judges, they looked like any ordinary small time dance school instructors out there (not that I have anything against small time dance school instructors it’s just that their English was too horrible, the inventors of this beautiful language were probably rolling around in their graves that night). At least like the previous competition I attended, they actually got professional talent scouts and dancing coaches to rate our performances.

The second bone I’m about to pick would be to those dance crews who were not up to caliber. This is one thing I’ll have to agree with the judges. Their comments to some of the crews who performed literally shot them out of the sky. Please, for those who actually want to take part in a dancing competition, please be serious about it. Don’t come up with fancy and cool names but in the end have nothing to show for it. I’ll be kind and hold their names back, there were crews who emphasized on just being sexy in hopes of wooing the crowd and judges but I was quite turned off by the whole thing. Another crew who did the same thing had break-dancers to try and save their performances (despite their “amazing” repertoire as an all female dance crew who so happened to have performed at many club openings) sucked, yes really bad !! Yes sex and sexy-ness sells but thats in Hollywood and this is Malaysia, further more it’s a dance competition, even if you wanted the dance to look sexy at least give it more energy and have better choreography for it, don’t just shake your a** and slap it with a towel and then swing that bloody towel in the air. Please, music and dance was created to give people relief from the worldly problems and for people to have fun and cheer, not psychological trauma !! And what part of DANCE COMPETITION do you people don’t get ? It’s for DANCE not rapping or beatboxing, and even if you wanted to beatbox, please, do it properly, I’ve heard better.

That was about all the bones I want to pick, my heart is at peace now.

All in all it was a fun night and I’m sure, psychological trauma or not, everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves.

Over and Out



Written by Aris Raphael

August 20, 2008 at 12:59 pm

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