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I went to Sunway Pyramid yesterday with Karmun, Benny and his girlfriend Su Juin around 4pm and being a Saturday, everyone in the car park was waging a war against one another. I’m talking serious free-for-all melee bullshit, Axis against Allies, Barrack Obama against John McCain, God against the devil, Jesus against Darwin, Albert Einstein against Stephen Hawking, Chuck Norris against McGuyver and various supermodels against the everlasting battle of the bulge, and I mean, it was hectic. My advice, you wouldn’t want to go near 3 people in those carparks on the said day and various similar days, God, Jesus and Chuck Norris. =)

It’s very heartening to know that with the majority of our society receiving some form of tertiary education either overseas or locally, the various form of culture and etiquette reminders constantly spewed by the media, all those moral classes we sat through during our secondary and tertiary education, our parents constant reminders to say please, thank you, receive things with your right hand, letting the elderly sit on the empty seats in the bus, trains, planes, our society is still much very stubborn to learn even a few of these.

We saw a group of people walking to your car and I rolled down the window to ask them if they were leaving and whether we could have the spot if they were indeed leaving, and the very courteously replied yes, smiled and showed us the way. After following them for a few seconds, we came to the bay, and since I wanted to reverse park in I moved my car to the front a little bit further and put on my left signal. Now, we all know, drivers or not, that when someone has put on a left signal, that person is either turning, or taking the next available parking space either in front or behind their vehicle. Once noted that the signal is on, one should wait for this person to take action on said available parking space before taking their own action because this person is in front of your car and parking bays are available on a first come first serve basis.

But no, two old Chinese aunties promptly zoomed in and blocked me from reversing in. At this moment, I had enough. I’ve seen to many of these scenarios and even experienced quite a number of them myself, I fucking had enough of this nonsense.

Now, I know it would have been very hypocritical of me to do this but I got out of my car and walked over and asked them if they were here before me. I could tell the woman standing in front of the almost vacant lot (the previous occupants were only just leaving), I suppose she was there to act as a human shield oblivious to the fact that if I were to run her over by backing into her she would not have served her purpose much. She just stared at me, I knew she was lost, didn’t know what to do, and the fact I was pissed to the brim, she was scared. Her friend in the car gestured her hand at me to leaved in all her Chink auntie fashion.

After that, I gave them the finger, shouted at them “Fuck You Bitch’s” , and left. Now the only thing standing between a Falcon Punch and them was the law. If the law was on my side, I’d have used a more elephant tranquilized version of Chuck Norris’ roundhouse kick. So the only anger outlet I had was that tiny insignificant fingered gesture and most delightfully colourful array of falvourful words. Yes, yes, I know it did no good but trust me, if you’ve had that done to you about 15 times, you’d probably end up doing the roundhouse kick, or backing into them. So forgive me for my brashness, I trust you, I’m currently trying to keep my temper in check.

I now hope their daughters get pregnant before their time and their husbands cheat on them with a hooker and that their sons develop a drug habit and ends up borrowing money from loan sharks so much that even selling their own kidneys on the black market wouldn’t do any good.

Lol I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

Yes, we Malaysians are wonderful people to chat and have dinner with, but with much influence from our close neighbour, Singapore, or from some other sources, we might have adopted a similar “Kia Su” attitude when it comes to exams and parking spaces or whose son or daughter has got a higher paying job. Now, now, don’t get riled up, I’ve got many Singaporean friends who aren’t like that at all, and I know that to you who are Singaporean and reading my blog are not like that as well. It’s just a general definition of our cultural similarities as well as nothing but a harmless armchair theory.

So it’s good to know that our society is still stuck in the middle ages, I remember when there was a time I can’t remember a time when we were all nice, polite and courteous.

So I have decided to keep my temper in check from now on and refrain from my oh so favourite hobby of road raging and just be more zen about these things. Water does not harden and retaliate like a rock, it absorbs and drowns whatever it is in which it has encountered.

There’s a woman sitting on my right listening to Title’s Up by The Saturdays at the largest of her Hewlet Packard’s speaker capacity causing me to loose my not only train of thought but the entire train itself  for the fifteenth time.

I’m currently contemplating my options to either ask her if she’d like to borrow my headphones, or play DotA at the top of MY Dell Inspirion 14R’s SRS Premium Sound’s speakers capacity and drive her to insanity with FIRST BLOOD’s and MMMMMMONSTER KILL’s.

Cheers people. =)


Written by Aris Raphael

June 13, 2010 at 3:22 pm

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